Old Town Hall

exterior of stone building


Old Town Hall / Stowe, MA

The 1848 Old Town Hall with its Ell addition dating from 1895 was the seat of municipal government until replaced by a new building in 1989. For the last three decades, this historic facility has been a community center for events such as recitals, art shows, scout meetings, exercise classes, civic forums, and other uses. While charming, the building is uninsulated, not fully accessible, has underutilized areas, and lacks integration of storage and AV systems. Also, the exterior is cluttered by a prominent fire escape and two contemporary accessible ramps.

The project commenced with preparation of measured drawings and review of an assessment from a previous firm. An energy study was performed with review of HVAC options, building envelope upgrades, and life cycle cost analysis. Site modifications will recapture the 1895 appearance through removal of the exterior fire escape and ramps. Functional upgrades will be integrated into the historic fabric for improved use and character preservation as a cultural hub.

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