Concord Town House

Concord Town House

Concord Town House Concord, Massachusetts

Mills Whitaker Architects was selected to perform a feasibility study with options and cost estimates for expanding office space in the historic town hall. Constructed in 1851, this Italianate structure is a signature building in Concord’s Monument Square.

The conceptual design task included finding adequate space to accommodate live streaming of meetings for local cable TV, improving congested public restrooms adjacent to the Select Board Meeting room and Town Manager’s office suite, and providing additional office areas for administrative support. Expansion into an unfinished attic and extension of the elevator up to that level were also considered .

The conceptual study was performed within the strict parameters of not changing the exterior appearance or increasing the footprint of the historic structure. After the study, the Town implemented a portion of the project that was limited to modest office expansion and provision of support facilities for local cable TV equipment.

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