Charles Q. Clapp House

Charles Q Clapp House exterior


Charles Q. Clapp House / Portland, Maine

This 1832 mansion is one of the finest surviving examples of early Greek Revival domestic architecture in the city of Portland. In 1914, the home was altered by Architect John Calvin Stevens and used as offices and art studios by the Portland School of Art. In 2007, this facility was reacquired by the Portland Museum of Art. The Museum retained Mills Whitaker Architects to assist them with its restoration and integration into the adjacent museum campus. The project includes relating this home to its three elegant neighbors: 1801 McLellan House; 1911 L.D.M. Sweat Galleries (John

Calvin Stevens, Architect) and the 1980 Payson Building (I.M. Pei & Partners). The project addresses restoration of the Clapp House plus an interstitial addition that strengthens the organizational relationships of all four buildings.

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